Champions Crowned! (Wednesday’s)


Dem TD’s Tho


We kicked of our playoff night with the #1 seeded Smash n Dash vs Back That Pass Up. The game started off strong with both teams scoring on their opening drives, but Back That scored their extra points to take the lead. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough and didn’t last long as the veteran team got comfortable and warmed up, striking at will. The game got quickly out of control in the second half, but Back That didn’t give up and still played till the last whistle was blown. Final score: Back That Pass Up, 14, Smash N Dash, 46.


Second game had the #2 seed, Dem TD’s Tho, and #3 Love Me Some TD’s, who unfortunately didn’t show to play the game and had to forfeit the game. This would move Dem TD’s Tho to the championship game to face their rival Smash n Dash.


Championship game Smash N Dash Vs Dem TD’s Tho was the game we all were waiting for as the top two teams would finally face-off with everything on the line. Both teams seemed evenly matched and showed on both sides of the ball that it would come down to who had the ball last or would make mistakes. Throughout the first half, both teams scored at will and highlights were plentiful. Speed and agility lined up on both sides of the ball, but both teams still managed to score on each drive. A hard fought first half had Dem TD’s Tho with the slight lead with a score of 20-14. At the start of the second half, Smash n Dash had the ball and was looking to take the lead and hopefully not look back, but the first drive started off not exactly how they planned and a costly turnover would leave them in a hole. Defense was the name of the game at that point for Smash n Dash as they not only had to play against Dem TD’s Tho, but also the clock. The time wasn’t on Smash n Dash’s  side as they couldn’t stop Dem TD’s Tho. First down after first down with the clock running, Smash n Dash got within four points, but unfortunately there wasn’t enough time to pull off the comeback. All in all, it was one great game from both sides. Both teams played great and left it all on the field. Final score: Smash n Dash, 34, Dem TD’s Tho, 38.



Thank you to all of our great teams and great spectators this season! We look forward to doing it again soon!