Coasting to Playoffs! (Wednesday’s)

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Social and Chill


First game of the night we had the Immobilizers vs Fail Passes. Fail, feeling the grind of a long season, couldn’t find their rhythm tonight and struggled to put points on the board; they would be held to just one touchdown. They would begin to click near the end of the game, but it was too little too late as the Immobilizers walked through them with a 33-6 win.


Back that Pass Up had a little bit more of a challenge with Designated Drinkers. Drinkers had yet to win a game, but that didn’t stop them from playing their hearts out not given up on their season. They made it a close game until the second half Back took over and won 37-14.


Now for the game of the night and maybe season. We had the two best and undefeated teams finally clash in the final week to see who deserved that top spot on top of the rankings. The Tittsburgh Feelers vs Smash and Dash. Man did this game have all the hype coming into it. Other teams even stayed around to see what this game was about. Unfortunately someone forgot to tell Smash and Dash they needed not to just show up but to bring their A game to compete against the Feelers. First two possessions for Smash started off as bad as it could get with two interceptions returned for touchdowns. From that point on it was just downhill from there. The Feelers just manhandled them with drives and scores at will. Smash and Dash was clearly frustrated as nobody had played them that well to just pick them apart as if they had just played their first flag football game ever. Luckily for Smash and Dash that it was just one game and they have the opportunity to regroup and reload for the playoffs next week. Final score Tittsburg Feelers 52 to Smash and Dash 26. Playoffs will be a different Beast.