Deep Bombs to the Endzone! (Tuesday’s)

Vicious and Delicious


It was a great night of football at Olmos Park as many teams came out to play and enjoy a beautiful night! To get us started, Fumble Bees had two big games tonight, but felt short both times as they faced Matter Daddy’s which came down to the last drive, 37-36. Next they played another last drive game against Vicious & Delicious which also fell short with a 36-34 loss. Fumble Bees will need to win out to have a chance at the playoffs which is anyone game still. Vicious & Delicious and Matter Daddy’s remain the only two teams undefeated and are not easy to take down by any means. KDM and 5 Fingers Later look to have redemption as they also continue to win after their first week tough losses and look to now be contenders in the playoffs. We are in the second stretch of the season and be expecting some great games so come out with some drinks and enjoy some great old fashion flag football!