End Zone Raiders! (Wednesday’s)


Law So Hard


We’ve reached the midpoint in our season, and while the weather finally cools down, the intensity heats up out here on Wednesday nights! It’s been a fantastic season thus far, and it’s now time for teams to buckle down and start thinking about playoff season!



To recap the night, Scorinthians took on The Bench Warmers, in what started off as a must see football game. We had high scoring offenses that opened up the field to deep and quick passes. Both teams came out firing on all cylinders and it looked to be a shootout. But unfortunately, the Scorinthians hit a bump in the road and failed to convert on some key positions. Final score: Scorinthians, 32, The Bench Warmers, 44.

Law So Hard vs Old Dogs New Tricks looked like a promising game. Old Dogs are a new team with a lot of talent, but are still trying to develop their chemistry. The team has potential and will be a force to reckoned with as the season progresses, hopefully sooner then later. Law So hard is quickly becoming a team on everyone’s radar. Week after week, they are improving, moving the ball and putting up points on the board. Law so Hard, 32, Old Dogs New Tricks, 0.



Best of luck in the final stretch of the season!