Endless TD’s on A Monday!

Fractured But Whole


The weather was great for some flag football action tonight at Olmos Park, teams were excited to be out there and the season is heating up as teams start to get through the middle of the season and push towards a playoff spot.



This week, we want to feature two great team to get our social honors, Touchdown Yo Pants and the Replacements! This was a competitive game with playoff implications, but both teams seemed to set that outside and really make this about fun and socializing!



Our official game of the night goes to the Misfits vs Fractured But Whole. Clearly, the Misfits are the veterans and maybe even the favorite in this one, but Fractured came to make a statement and did that from the very beginning. Early on they set the tone by taking a pick-six and stealing the momentum away from Misfits for basically the entire game. Fractured continued to push through any comeback that Misfits had in their sights. Coming down the stretch it was close, both teams making plays to get back into it, but Fracture held on to a 27-24 victory and to show that they too are a force in this league.



Best of luck to everyone in the final stretch!