Endzone Dances Galore! (Tuesday’s)


5 Fingers Later


5 Fingers Later vs Back That Pass Up was our first game of the night and we had a good ole fashion hard fought game. Both teams played tough, but extra points and turnovers can come back to get you. 5 Fingers Later would take this one comfortably, 44-18 over Back That Pass Up.



Knights vs Show Us Your TD’s was our final game of the night and both teams came out and couldn’t wait to take the field. Both scored on opening drives, but extra points and failure to convert on fourth downs can hurt you. It would come down to the final minutes of the game to decide who would walk away victorious in Week Four. Unfortunately for Show Us Your TD’s, time expired and cut them short of making a come back tonight. Show Us Your TD’s, 18, Knights, 20.


Best of luck in the final weeks of the regular season!