Final Stretch! (Monday’s)

Pylon Pythons

Pylon Panthers


Top anticipated game of the night was one expected for sometime now. First up we had Pylon Pythons moving up to play social ball after just dominating their previous opponents in their past three games. Their first opponent was Gronky Kong, one of our seasoned veteran teams who was ready to step up to the challenge the Pythons would bring. Game started off a little rocky with the Pythons turning over the ball early, but quickly regaining the composure needed to strike and put up points on the board. Gronky Kong isn’t one to fold up and go out without a fight as they had a couple of deep passes go for touchdowns to make it a game. Half time had the game tied up 14-14, but when the, second half began, it appeared as if completely different teams retook the field as it was all Pythons. Gronky would put up two more scores, but it wouldn’t be nearly enough with a final score of Pylon Pythons, 40, Gronky Kong 28.

Second game of the night started off on the other side of the park that featured We’ll Catch Your Balls who previously played in the Social division was ready to try their hand at Super Social. This game brought us Baby Wipes vs We’ll catch your Balls who at this point of the season had yet to win a game. The game was a game to watch as both teams played their hearts out and battled back and forth for a couple of lead changes. As the games progressed into the final minutes, we had a nail biter of a game as the game was always at least a touchdown away from taking the lead for both teams. In the end, Baby wipes needed to have at least one stop left in them to regain the lead but couldn’t hold off We’ll Catch Your Balls who pulled off their first W,  We’ll Catch Your Balls, 26, Baby Wipes, 20.