Final Week! (Monday’s)


We’ll Catch Your Balls


First game of the night we had Netflix and Skill vs We’ll Catch Your Balls in an all time favorite football atmosphere, pouring rain. The clouds rolled in and the rain poured, but it didn’t stop the teams from playing, and very well. Passes were still thrown deep and plenty of flags were missed. It wasn’t the prettiest game, but it was sure fun watching them. In the end, it came down to one possession and the win went to We’ll Catch Your Balls with final score 28-21.

Pylon Pythons took their undefeated record up against Stick It In and jumped out from the get-go and never looked back as their offense was thrashing tonight. Stick It In was missing their QB, so they did struggle to move the ball and Pythons took every advantage they could and scored with every turnover. The game seemed like it was on fast forward watching Pylon Pythons scoring at will. Final score Pylon Pythons, 50, vs Stick it In, 12.


Thanks to all of our awesome and teams and best of luck to our playoff contenders!