Final Week! (Tuesday’s)

It was a great final week of the regular season as many teams came out fighting for a final playoff spot!



We had a big game between Vicious & Delicious against Catch these Hands that went back and forth on exchanging lead changes in the first half, but in the second half Vicious & Delicious took a 10 point lead! Catch these Hands did not give up as it came down to their last drive to tie the game, but ultimately failed to complete a three point try.



Next game of the night between the undefeated Matter Daddys against KDM was another big game of the night in which was the underdog KDM came out in the first half with three quick scores to take a big lead. But MatterDaddys fought hard in the second half as they were able to close the gap but lost to KDM 40-30. It is definitely going to be one of the best playoffs yet as so many teams have a chance at the championship.