Final Week! (Tuesday’s)


Beer Pressure


Flag Football continues! The highlight tonight was the condition of the fields, teams had all kinds of opinions on it, but when it was all said and done everyone had fun and we even had a few players decide to go slip n sliding in the water puddle after their game, it was hilarious to watch.



The regular season is in the books now and we have what looks to be a solid playoff tournament in the future. In the Social Division, Beer Pressure leads the way and finished 5-1. 5 Fingers Later along with Full Bush League finished 4-2, but any of these teams have the skill to win it all. The long shot in this division will be Balls Deep. They finished 3-3 and will have a chance to knock off the top teams in the playoff if they can put together and execute a great game plan.

In the Super Social Division, we have KDM undefeated at 6-0 who have owned their opponents all season. They will have a few challenges in the playoffs, but if they can stay consistent, we are unsure if anyone can beat them. Pop Dat Booty is our defending champion and they are 5-1, and if anyone can challenge KDM for a title, it will be this team. MatterDaddy’s is also 5-1 along with Hiatus Cuz They Ain’t Us. Manning Face is 4-2 and will find themselves challenged with top teams in the first round, while Legion of Boom may have slid into a final spot in the playoff after finished their season with a doubleheader and winning one of the games to finish 3-3.

Good luck to everyone in the playoffs!