Final Week! (Wednesday’s)


Dem TD’s THO


Week Six, our last week of flag football before playoffs and teams showed up primed and ready to play. By this time teams have played each other at least once so they know what the teams have to bring to the table. It was a fun night and the weather was perfect for some football.


This week we had two great games. First off, Back That Pass Up was able to put up a fight, but fall apart to Love Me So TD’s, 42-20. Meanwhile, Bang Bros couldn’t contain Dem TD’s THO’s potent offense.


Smash n Dash leads our league with an impressive 6-0 record heading into the playoffs, but Them TD’s Tho, Love Me Some TD’s and Back That Pass Up all are in contention with respectable records. Any of these teams have the offensive weapons that could break loose at any given moment. It’ll be a fun on next week!


Thanks to all of our great teams and spectators, and best of luck in the playoffs!