Finest TD’s of the Night! (Tuesday’s)

5 Fingers Later


It was a great night for flag football at Olmos Park as many teams came out to play on the gridiron!



To get things started, Vicious & Delicious and Matter Daddy’s continue to dominate as they both remain undefeated in the division. The game of the night was between 5 Fingers Later against The Fumble Bees which this game down to the final drives as both teams had some great offensive plays happen. The Fumble Bees had one last chance to tie the game with a last minute drive which had a girl-to-girl touchdown, which was very impressive. But Fumble Bees fell short going for three to tie the game and 5 Finger Later came out with win, 38-34.



We’re going into the final two weeks of the season and expect some big games coming up so bring your Bud Light or Michelob out to the fields for some entertaining games!