Football Returns! (Tuesday’s)


Vicious & Delicious


It was a great first week of Tuesday night flag football as many teams came out to play on the gridiron. Saw some great catches and some great defensive stops with many teams as well. First, our game of the night Flaming Balls against The Fumble Bees was a good start for a very competitive game as both teams went back and forth with lead changes. The Fumble Bees with seconds left on the clock were able to take the victory with a 31-26 win. We also had another close game between Blue Ballers and We don’t Frack Around as they also had some big plays on defense which We Don’t Frack Around had one big stop to take the victory of 21-20.



Our game of the night was between Vicious & Delicious against KDM, which are two veteran teams who have both seen their share of championships. KDM had a first half lead of 22-14 as Vicious & Delicious could not score on their last drive of the half. The first drive of the second half Vicious & Delicious were able to score to bring the score closer to 22-20. The turning point of the game was KDM throwing an interception which Vicious & Delicious were able to capitalize and take a victory, 34-30. Expect these two teams to see each other in the playoffs.



It was a good night for football can’t wait to see what next week has to offer!