Gridiron Classics! (Monday’s)


Fracture But Whole


Two weeks now remain in what has been an incredible season! With such few games remaining, each one will be important moving forward! Best of luck in the final weeks!



White Lambs vs Fractured But Whole started off our night with a great game that had an offense and defensive showing. These type of games always come down to the turnovers and a crucial stops, and for the Fractured but Whole, the red zone offense helped pull out the victory. White Lambs 32 vs Fractured But Whole 38.



This is Chad vs Roc Nation, what a game. We had and incredible and plentiful amount of talent and speed on one field for this match-up coming from both sides. The game started out looking like a shootout, but unfortunate turnovers was the demise of Roc Nation. It started with one turnover and that’s all it took for This is Chad to take advantage and run with it. Roc Nation 26 vs This is Chad 41.