Hot Start (Tuesday’s)

It was a great first week of flag football at Olmos Park as all games came down to the last drive with so much excitement.


First game of the night we had Flaming Balls against The Goon Squad which went back and forth with big defensive stops. In the end, Flaming Balls was able to get the win with one last drive to finish 22-14.


Next game of the night was between The Brady Bunch against Urban Legendz, which was a high scoring game, as both teams made some big plays. Urban Legends were able to score on their last drive to be able to take the W with a score of 26-25. Urban Legendz winning their other game this evening, and being the only team with a double header this week, jumped out ahead of the pack with a 2-0 start to the season.


We have a great season of flag football ahead and it is anyone’s game to win a championship.