Keep Those TD’s Coming! (Wednesday’s)

Smash n dash

Smash and Dash



Back that Pass Up vs. Smash and Dash had everything a football fan could wish. It started with some familiar faces on both sides of the ball with prior teammates playing against each other. You could feel the tension from both teams and it didn’t take long for the (friendly) trash talking to begin. Both offenses came out clicking and it took two INT’s from Back that Pass Up to change the momentum. The start of the second half brought new life into Back as they started to make a run to the finish line. They took the lead shortly just to lose it going down the field for one last drive to seal the deal. Unfortunately time was not on their side and the clock ran out on them on the 14yard line ending the game at 28 to 35 with Smash and Dash taking the win.



On the other field, the Tittsburgh feelers still showed they are the team to look out for as they ran through fail passes 46-0 barely breaking a sweat. Lars Lars Pants on Fars faced off against Smash & Dash at the end of the night for Smash’s double header of the night. It started off as if Smash & Dash was still hot from the first win earlier in the night, but nobody told Lars Lars Smash was last season’s champion because they brought everything they had from a speedy rush to deep bombs to keep it interesting for all but the final five minutes of the game.