Long Ball Bombers! (Wednesday’s)


The Tight Ends


Our first game of the night featured Old Dogs New Tricks vs The Tight Ends. What a great game we had, both teams fairly new teams, battling each other on the fields evenly matched and would come down to the turnovers. Each team scored keeping it close til the end when The tight Ends to over just escaping with the win final score Old Dogs New Tricks, 14,The Tight Ends, 18

The second game of the night sported the Scorinthians vs Turf Burners, which ended up being one heck of a game. Both teams battled each other on both ends of the field. The offensive and defensive battle was that left little to be desired. Everytime one team seemed ready to score, the other team would come away with the ball. Both teams could put up points in a heartbeat so it wasn’t a surprise to see the game come down to who would have the ball last. Final score: Turf Burners, 26, Scorinthians, 27. Scorinthians have always had a great team, but teams need to keep an eye out for the Turf Burners as they are going to be tough to beat down the road.