Midpoint! (Wednesday’s)

Back That Pass Up

Back That Pass Up


Week Four is in the books and teams are really starting to get an idea of where they stand in the playoff push.


Smash n’ Dash (4-0) continues to be an offensive powerhouse as they have scored over 50 points more than the second place, Dem TD’s Tho. Smash also handed Dem their first loss of the season this week. Outside of the top two, the bottom four spots are wide open. With two teams at .500 and two below,  any of our teams are able to have a wining last two weeks and be in contention for good playoff seeding.


Back That Pass Up & Arial Predators took the field tonight, both in big needs of a win tonight. With one win and no wins respectively, tonight was obviously important. The game went back and forth and both teams displayed great flashes of offense. Tonight, though, one team would be heartbroken as there was only a two point difference in the final score, 32-30. The heartbroken tonight are Ariel Predators.


No matter where a team is in the standings today, there is still time to improve! Good luck the rest of the season!