Midway Point! (Wednesday’s)

Po Boys


Week Three is here and that means we’ve already completed half of our season! It’s gone quick, but there has been no lag of fun and excitement over here at Olmos Park!



First game of the day between Sacks N Racks and The Bench Warmers came down to the wire. It was close throughout, but The Bench Warmers with the last drive which were able to pull the win with a 31-28 victory.  Next game was between Po boys and Flag Me Harder which was a very close heated game where both teams would not stop scoring with some big plays but Po Boys were able to also pull the win 48-41. Balls & TDs continue to dominate the division with a dominate performance on Wednesday night. We are going to continue to have some big games at Olmos so come out with your refreshments and enjoy some great games!