New Season! (Wednesday’s)


Terror Squad


Welcome to another great season of flag football with SASSC at Olmos Park! We’ve seen great competition all year long, and a big thank you to all of our returners. But it wouldn’t be SSC without new faces as a number of new teams have joined us this season! It was a great time, and if Week One was any indication of the atmosphere we are in for this season, we can’t wait!


In our first game of the night, Terror Squad took on Strictly Bizniz, which saw Bizniz start off their season with a quick score. But unfortunately, as they game as went on, they could not keep up with Terror Squad. Costly interceptions into touchdowns was what caused Strictly Biznez’ defeat. The final in this one: Strictly Biznez, 6, Terror Squad, 55.

Our final game of the night had two new teams who were very excited to get on the field. The Tight Ends vs You Olmos Caught us was a very interesting game due to both teams being new and adjusting to the co-ed rules. It was a battle back and forth between the two, and some costly penalties brought some touchdowns back, but it was nice to see everyone enjoying themselves as they played the game. Both teams have great potential as the season moves forward. Final score: The Tight Ends 6 vs You Olmos Caught Us 8.