Old Dogs Don’t Need New Tricks (Monday’s)


It was a nice environment tonight. Week 3 is here and teams are starting to focus on where they will rank for the playoffs. Some of the socializing is slowing down, as the competitive spirit comes out, but overall its been a nice season.


Week 3 games were fun to watch. There were a few really good games.  TD’s and Beer played their hearts out and were able to upset the highly ranked team Last Minute, and they beat them in the last minute for a nice dose of irony. With time expiring, TD’s and Beer scored and held on to win 29-28.

The Immobilizers took on Sacks and Racks. This seemed to be in favor of Sacks and Racks but mistakes cost them and the Immobilizers took advantage and were able to pull out a 26-20 victory.

Game of the night was between Old Timers vs Back That Pass Up. This one went back and forth, as both offenses couldn’t be stopped and it looked to come down to who would have the ball last.  With less then 2 minutes left, Old Timers went the length of the field and scored to take the lead and only left 2 seconds for Back that Pass up to make a play and they fell short.  Old Timers stay undefeated, with a 36-28 victory.