Opening Week! (Tuesday’s)

Week One of Flag Football on Tuesday nights is looking great! We have 17 teams and the competition is great. So far the weather is also looking to be the best of the year. We had our share of rain already and now the cool weather is starting to kick in and that has players excited.


The season returns a number of veterans for our final season of the year, and Pop Dat Booty has started right where they left off with a victory. They are our defending Super Social Champs and are looking to win another one. Tonight, they showed no signs of letting up on that goal as they were able to dominate their first game 38-14 against the Knights.

Legion of Boom came out firing against The Big Bangers; both teams are veteran teams and are actively chasing a title. But tonight, Legion Of Boom made it their mission to walk away with a W, and that’s what they did winning 34-6, showing a nice all around offense and solid defense.


If this week was any indication of the great atmosphere we will have this season, we already can’t wait for next week! Best of luck in the coming weeks to all of our teams.