Playoffs Are Around The Corner (Monday)

Monday Night Flag Football action is really heating up, we are now complete with Week 4 and the playoffs are right around the corner.  We only have 1 team undefeated in each Division and the rest is up for grabs, the next 2 weeks are going to be key games for any team trying to get into the playoffs.  Good luck to everyone.

In the Social Division we had a couple of blowout games with Runnin & Gunnin destroying Pylon Kings 40-14 and Cold Cuts stepped up and beat Chocolate Droppas 40-20.   In the matchup of the night we had I Touchdown There vs The Damn Champions, this rivalry has been going on for seasons now and The Damn Champions continue to dominate in the win column, but tonight I Touchdown There had a chance to change history, in a very close game The Damn Champions did what they do best, control the clock and walk away with a win 36-32.


In the Super Social Division we have only 1 team without a loss, Love Me Some TD’s sit at the top 3-0-1 and right behind them we have Gronky Kong 3-1-1.  Either one of the teams have the ability to win a championship, lets just see if they can put it together to finish out the season.  Sitting in the 3 thru 6 spots all the teams are very evenly matched, Sacks & Racks, Cunning Stunts, The Shwifty Squanchers and New Mob, they are all good enough to win out and have a high seed going into the playoffs.  I am predicting a very intense and competitive final 2 weeks of Flag Football before the playoffs.