Playoffs?! (Tuesday’s)

Super Social




Playoffs have finally arrived and we start with some great games in the Super Social Division, we had Pop Dat Booty doing their best to defend their championship against Turtle Gang, and they did just that by winning in a decisive manner 50-29 and moving on to round two. MatterDaddy’s had their hands full with Legion of Boom who came out with a solid game plan and executed it well, but all it takes is one turnover and that can decide the game. That was how it played out in this one with MatterDaddy’s, 36, Legion of Boom, 28. Hiatus Cuz They Ain’t Us was able to walk through Manning Face fairly easily, 48-24.



In round two, things really got heated, Hiatus Cuz They Ain’t Us faced off against the #1 seed KDM, and how quickly things change. All the easy plays they got against Manning Face were no longer easy, and KDM showed their experience and won 22-12. A great game to watch was MatterDaddy’s vs Pop Dat Booty. This game went back and forth the entire time with the ladies really stealing the show. In the end, we had MatterDaddy’s winning by one point, 36-35.



In the championship game we got what we expected, a very solid MatterDaddy’s team versus a team on a mission in KDM. Sometimes the mission takes your level of performance to a higher place and that is what happened here, with KDM set on nothing less than a championship and memories in the making. In a back and forth effort by both teams, only one can be crowed Champion. Tonight, that was KDM by a score 36-28. Congrats to everyone who participated in the Super Social Division.





Beer Pressure

The Social Playoffs were also on a whole other level, with only four teams involved you would think to yourself how exciting could this be, but I will say I say more highlight plays in the series than any in the past. Everything from one hand touchdown catches to long bombs, to females making plays, this was an awesome sight to see. Beer Pressure came out swinging first against Balls Deep and it was close the majority of the way, but Beer Pressure had things under control even though it was a close outcome with Beer Pressure, 34-32. 5 Fingers Later vs Full Bush League may have been the best game of the entire night, this game was TD after TD and big play after big play. Both teams working had to stay in contention. With less than a minute left, 5 Fingers Later found themselves down by nine with a chance to score, but the only way to get nine points was to have a female to female TD and then make the two-point conversion. They took their chance and placed a very good female at QB and she found her favorite female target in the endzone for a TD to score seven and then they were able to convert the two point play and tie the game; to OT we advance! In OT it was exactly what we expected, both teams scored and the conversion would be the determining factor, Full Bush League was able to convert and 5 Fingers Later failed to do so, Full Bush League wins 53-51. What an incredible game!



The championship game was fun to watch also between Beer Pressure and Full Bush League, but the mistakes cost Full Bush League their opportunity. A turnover and being unable to stop Beer Pressure, and that was all it took for Beer Pressure to walk away as our Social Champions, 24-12.

Congrats to everyone who participated this season and have a happy holidays, see you next year! Also, a big thank you to all of our great teams and spectators this season!