Playoffs! (Wednesday’s)

Playoffs! Teams showed up ready to play some football covered up and trying to keep warm. The weather, unfortunately, wasn’t the best for some bbq and drinks given it was about 45 degrees on the field, but teams hung out and watched others play which goes to show on the field the competitive athletes still could become a fan after it’s all said and done.


In the first round, we had some interesting games as we had the Scorinthians vs Ball’s and Doll’s, which was a good game to start off but quickly got out of hand as The Scorinthians took over in the second half to move on to the much anticipated second round game with the Bench Warmers.


What a game between these two teams it was a back and forth shootout with the females making some major plays to keep each others teams in it. These are the games you hate to see someone lose because they are such fun teams to watch, but only one gets to advance on in the night. What could have been the play of the night, Benchwarmers down on the five-yard line with seconds remaining with one last try for the end zone. With that being said, a toss up to the back of the end zone to their tallest receiver for the go-ahead touchdown was caught to take the lead and the win, sending The Scorinthians home for the night. It was a devastating loss and sending The Benchwarmers into the championship game against the only undefeated team of the season Terror Squad.


Early on in the season, these two kept a close eye on one another; they knew that they were the favorites to make it to this very match. We must say, the hype and expectation of this Championship game was what everyone was waiting for all season. Finally the Terror Squad had someone who could most definitely give them a game. Each team was stacked with talent, but who could use that talent the best would come into play with both teams. A lot of trash talking and big plays would be the name of this game, but as the game went on, so did the chances of The Benchwarmers pulling off a upset against the undefeated Terror Squad. Both teams battled, but the Terror Squad just made to many big plays and takeaways from which the Benchwarmers could not recover. The score didn’t really show how great of a game it was, but hats off to the Terror Squad as they were not going to be denied the crown and played a perfect game to walk away the Champions!. Final score: The Benchwarmers, 20, Terror Squad, 64.


We would like to extend a big thank you to all of our great teams and spectators! We look forward to doing it again soon early next year!


(Please email the league for championship photo).