Potent Offenses and Stingy Defenses! (Wednesday’s)

Smash N Dash (1)

Smash n Dash


Our featured game of the night this evening was between the Aeriel Predators and Back that Pass Up. Coming off the bye week (rainout day), both offenses needed a few drives to get their offensive rhythem going, but in just a matter of series, Back That got warmed up and began to click firing deep ball after deep ball. Predators are new to the league and do have tremendous talent, but tonight, expereince showed to be the difference maker. We have no doubt that Predators will be a force to be reckoned with come playoff time.



Our second featured game had a showdown between two of our biggest offenses, Love Me Some TD’s vs Smash n Dash. This was a classic game that seemed as if the winner would be the team that held the ball last. Both teams had the talent and weapons to score at will, but it would take just one mistake or turnover to be the difference. Love Me Some TD’s marched the ball down the field with little time left to take the lead and the win, but on the final pass came up short and Smash n Dash walked away with a close win. It goes to show on any given day its anyone’s ballgame!


Good luck to all of our teams as we make our trek to the playoffs!