Prized TD’s! (Monday’s)


This is Chad


Little Titans vs This is Chad was one of our first games of the night. This is Chad is quickly gaining momentum as the season is moving forward. A very talented team with a lot of speed and athleticism, they will be a team to be scared off come the playoffs. The game came was close first half, but as the second half began, so did the scoring as the final score in this one, Little Titans, 30, This is Chad, 50. Both teams score at will, but Titans just had a few more turnovers that they wish they could have back this evening.

We B Ful of TD’s vs Fractured But Whole, what a game. This game had everything a football fan could ask for. Some awesome deep passes, with some great gender plays, with some awesome female athletes. The game was tied 19-19 at half, and we didn’t get much more progress on the lead change as both teams came to play and wouldn’t concede. This was a game we all wish could have kept going, but regulation would be what would stop the game at the end of this amazing night. Final score WE B Ful of TD’s  41 vs Fractured But Whole 41. Tied, but fantastic ball game.