Revenge is Sweet (Monday’s)


Social highlight of the night goes to Old Timers. These guys had the 1st game and the last game of the night. On a double header night they played two of the top teams in their division and beat them both and had a great time doing it. They were social and fun and made it a really nice night.


Some great matchups got the season off to a lively start, in particular Old Timers vs Chad & Boujee. This was a repeat of last seasons championship, but with a different outcome. Old Timers stepped up their game and played their strategy to exact specifications. They were able to control the ball and score with less then 14 seconds in the first half. The second half was more of the same, as they worked the ball down the field and scored and didn’t turn the ball over. They walked away with a great victory in week 1, 34-28.