Rock Solid Defenses! (Wednesday’s)




Scorinthains vs Law So Hard was the game of the night and it didn’t disappoint. Both teams are holding a good hold on second and third place in this season, and we saw some really good football tonight. Each scored and moved the ball with ease, but when the going got tough, Law so Hard couldn’t handle the pressure and forced a couple of unnecessary deep shots that turned into interceptions that would be the dagger in the game. Law so Hard, 20, Scorinthians, 29.

Turf Burners vs The Tight Ends was a great game to watch. Both teams enjoy playing football and you can see it out on the field. Both teams play hard and leave it all on the field. Both teams have been known for some friendly trash talk, but in a fun way in which you can’t do anything but laugh with the teams. Fun game and intense back and forth play. The Tight Ends, 22, Turf Burners, 32.