Show Me the TD’s! (Tuesday’s)



Two weeks have now been completed out here on Tuesday nights as the competition on the gridiron is really beginning to heat up at Olmos Park! It may be early in the season, but teams are already thinking ahead and ensuring that they play their A-game each and every week.



Tonight, we saw KDM play a tough doubleheader. But for KDM, two games? No problem. First, they would beat what seems like an early contender in We Don’t Frack Around, 30-20. Secondly, they would continue to do work against The Fumble Bees, also by a score of 30-20. KDM might have had a tough first week, they rebounded nicely, which is no easy feat with Tuesday’s competition. Both of these matches will be intriguing playoff match-ups in just a few week’s time. Opposite them, Matter Daddys and Vicious & Delicious continue to dominate and remain the only two teams undefeated as they both had some big win Tuesday night.



It has been an exciting first two weeks of football and with a division that it is still up for grabs, this will certainly be a fun one.