‘Somewhere Over The Rainbow’

What’s at the end of a rainbow? A pot of Flag Football scores!….plus some little green dude dancing around!

Highlights for the night at Barton Springs have to go to the 2 teams…….. No Punt Intended Vs Flags and Furious. What a game of offensive and defensive plays on both sides. No Punt Intended came right out of the gate with 7 points on their first drive. Flags and Furious answered back with a female TD of their own to tie the game 7 apiece.

No Punt Intended answered with a female TD of their own but was denied the extra point. Flags and Furious came right back with their first male TD but also missed the extra point, so back to a tie again. No Punt Intended showed some good clock management taking their final drive before the half into the endzone to post up another score. They take the lead at 20-13 going into the first half.

Both teams must have drunk the same Kool-aid during the break with both teams posting up another 7 each for their initial drives. Woweeeee……we have a ball game folks!

Of course it goes down to the final drive with Flags and Furious needing one point to tie and two to take the win! The crowd has gone bananas with Flags and Furious deciding they came to play……..let’s go for the victory! QB drops back…..looks left then right and gives the pigskin a toss. No Punt Intended brought their defense when it counted and blocked the pass, sealing a win at 27-26! This is why we play the game……no sissies on this field!

The competition was high but the camaraderie and sportsmanship took the real trophy! Lots of teams stuck around for support before taking off for Happy Hour. Let’s toast another great night of flags, footballs and fanaticism!

Let’s do it again next week!