SSC Winter Tournament! (Feb. 11)



SASSC football is back, at least in tournament form! What started as a crisp morning soon turned into sunshine and beauty. We had eleven great teams with us today, each attempting to leave their mark in SSC history as champions of our 2017 football tournament. They brought food, fans and fun, but most importantly booze. Many players also took advantage of our great Beer Garden! It was one for the record books as we worked all day to crown champion!



Our teams played a tough all day long, and in such perfect weather! As the intensity increased throughout the day, teams always kept it social and made sure that fun and a great time was the number one priority. Even better, we had teams that stayed out and enjoyed the day! It was too beautiful to be inside, so even after teams lost, they remained to socialize, drink Bud Light and grill!



Our Championship game came down to our three and four seed, Annexation of Puerto Rico and New ERA, respectively. Annex of PR had the luxury of a bye in between the championship game and their previous semifinal game while New ERA was forced to play back to back games. Their potential fatigue became evident on the first drive as Annex of PR drove down the field, scored but would fail to convert the two on the first drive. Without panicking, New ERA calmly put together their own drive; their first of many. Annex would get the ball back following the ERA TD, but they would struggle the remainder of the half as ERA found success. ERA would put up 28 before the end of the half leading us to a 28-6 halftime score. After halftime, Annex of PR was able to recuperate a bit and they were able to find some offensive rhythm in the second half. The problem was, New ERA never lost their momentum. Annex of PR was able to now match TD for TD, but with the score so lopsided leading into the half, Annex just couldn’t make defensive stops, and ERA continued finding the end zone. Final in this one, New Era, 42, Annexation of Puerto Rico, 20.

Congratulations New ERA! If a one-day tournament was this much fun, we can’t wait to see what this coming spring season will bring! Check the SASSC website for details!