Taking Care of Business! (Monday’s)

Strictly biznez

Strictly Biznez


Week Three flag football, and it was a nice day to toss the pig skin after last weeks scattered showers. Teams looked good and ready to get the games going and it seems teams are now starting to get the hang of the rules and starting to play more comfortably. Teams old and new are starting to get into the spirit now that we are officially half way through the season some teams have set themselves apart and others are still trying to figure out how to finish the season. A lot of good football is being played on Monday nights.


Hopscotch Mafia vs Strictly Biznez was such a good game to watch because the intensity was at 100% until the final whistle. Both teams played with high intensity and would not bend. It came down to one last defensive position from Hopscotch Mafia to get the ball back to pull off the comeback, but unfortunately the were unsuccessful and fell, Hopscotch Mafia, 19, to Strictly Biznez, 20.

Game of Throws vs Fractured But Whole featured two undefeated teams and  looked to be the game of the night. Both teams had everything from deep passes to great defensive stops and it looked more and more that the team to make the first mistake would be the one to fall. Fractured But Whole had the lead 19- 8 heading deep into the second half looking to close out the game, but with a last minute defensive stop, Game of Throws mounted a quick strike and scored to bring the game to 14-19. Unfortunately the last stop Game of Throws needed to get the ball back came up short and ran out of time leaving the final score Game of Throws 14 to Fractured But Whole 19.