Touchdowns Everywhere! (Wednesday’s)


The Tight Ends


Our first featured game of the night had our top team, Terror Squad, against the Old Dogs New Tricks; what a treat we were in for tonight. Terror Squad came in with the highest scoring offense and they didn’t intend for that to stop tonight. Breaking our previous scoring record, Terror Squad makes it look easy at times. Old Dogs New Tricks are new to the league had a chance to see why Terror Squad was undefeated with a final score, Old Dogs New Tricks, 8, Terror Squad, 88.

We Touch Down There vs The Tight Ends had everything a fan could want to see. Both teams fought it out and it seemed it all took place in the middle of the field because it seemed someone intercepted the ball every time one team started a good drive. Great game, We Touch Down There, 8, The Tight Ends, 20.


Best of luck to all of our teams as we head towards the final stretch of the season!