Week 1! (Monday’s)

Pylon Pythons

Pylon Pythons


Like any new season, many teams kept to themselves at the start of the night, but once the booze began flowing, its like everyone had known each other for years. It was a fantastic start to our new summer season at Olmos and we can’t wait to another great season! Newcomers and veterans alike, welcome and let’s have an awesome season!


In our first game of the night we had GronkyKong vs  We’ll Catch your Balls. Well, let’s start off by saying GronkyKong showed up to play as if they wanted to make a statement. GronkyKong scored an amazing 62 points against the rookie team We’ll Catch your Balls who worked to find their offensive rhythm. Catch showed sparks as the game progressed, but we have no doubts that they will find their stride as they continue to play together. Final score: 62-0.


Next game up was Pylon pythons vs Team Legacy. Now, by glance, you could see the talent on Pylon Pythons was overwhelming for any team they might come across this season. Across the board they feature speed and good hands which will make them a tough team to beat for any opponent. But Team Legacy was the first to try to put them to the test. Unfortunately, Pylon Pythons were to much to handle as they put up points in bunches to win the game, Pythons 48 to Team legacy 0.


Last up on the night, we feature what seems will be one of the most social teams in our league, Game of Throws, who never shies away from a few cold beers before, during and after every game. They would take on the might Scum Flags tonight. Both are fairly new teams which made this game interesting as it could have gone either way. But Game of throws took the lead and never looked back to pull out the victory, Game of Throws 28 to Scum Flags 7.


If this week was any indication of the great season we will have, we look forward to it! Don’t forget your hydration fluids, beer and water!