Kickin’ Strikers! (Thursday’s)


Game of Thrown Ins


Despite not being able to get a win yet this season, Game of Thrown Ins allowed their opponents to get an extra substitute to play, to even up the number of players on both teams. Thrown Ins did not have to do this, but were very cool about it. In the end they ended up getting their first win and we’d like to think it was thanks to their great sportsmanship.


Game of Thrown Ins and Dukes of Hazard played a great final match of the evening. Both teams were looking for their first wins of the season, so tensions were high. Hazard got the first goal of the night, but this motivated Thrown Ins to get going keep their foot on the pedal. At one point they were even able to go up five-plus goals and have a player of theirs come off the field. In the end, it was a great competitive match that ended with a final score, 19-14.