And New Champions…


The regular season was over and the postseason cane in full kick. Superchamps and Vacas Flacas drew a matchup against each other. Superchamps seemed to be down from their usual stable of backups, but as was Vacas. Vacas were able to pull out the upset.



Twerkers 2 FC and Son of a Pitch alao had a lively matchup.. The cooler heads prevailed in this match that saw twerkers dispatch the Sons.



Ivory Toast did a job dispatching Vacas, so they met Twerkers in the final. This was maybe the most competitive and hard played match of the season. Both teams were not willing to concede. Toast did go down to the man advantage for their first time in recent memory, but clawed back, and even took a one goal lead. However, Twerkers were able to regain control and took the accolades of this season home with them.