Final Week! (Thursday’s)


Ivory Toast


A fantastic regular season of indoor soccer is now in the books and the playoffs next week have shaped up to be a good one! But before we get there, let’s take a look at our featured game of the evening!


Our final game of the night was a great show as both teams were battling at each other all night. Messico took an early lead on our defending champions, Ivory Toast, who were in a bit of a shock. Messico was even able to gain a five-plus goal advantage at one point. However, Ivory Toast started seeing the writings on the wall and decided to do something about it. In the second half, Toast started hitting their stride and quickly surpassed Messico for the lead. It remained close for the rest of the match, but it did give Ivory Toast a little test going into the playoffs. It was a close one, but we can be assured that Ivory Toast will come out very focused next week! The final in this one was 24-19.


Best of luck to all of our teams in the playoffs!