Indoor Fire! (Monday’s)

Wedding crushers

Wedding Crushers


Social Team of the week was the Wedding Crushers who come in every week with a bunch of smiles on their faces and is a very social team.


Notorious D.I.G vs Chalupa Cabra
We started the night out with two teams that where evenly matched up and ready to play. Both teams are very social teams and had a bunch of laughs in the game. The first two sets were split and started the third set started with some tremendous rallies. They were trading point for point the entire match, but in the end, Notorious D.I.G. had better defense and took the victory.
Cant Put it in vs We Dig Four Play
This was a battle from the beginning and a very very good game. Both teams use bump, set, spike very well and have some big hitters and some great players that can dig. After splitting the first two sets, everything was on the line. Neither team wanted to back down or give up and were hustling and flying everywhere. There were some very long rallies and this game lasted over a hour. But in the end, Can’t Put It In barely beat the tough team of We Dig Four Play.
Itsy Bitsy Spikers vs Nothing Yet
Last game of the night and it was one sided match. Itsy Bitsy Spikers came out on fire and were on a mission, but Nothing Yet wasn’t going to go down easy and fought their way back into the game. Both teams had some good serves, but the Itsy Bitsy Spikers had their communication and their spiking working for them tonight and it was too much for Nothing Yet as they couldn’t recover and went down in two sets.
Good luck to everyone and lets finish the season strong!