Blockbusters! (Monday’s)

Hitting Misfits


Net Raiders vs Hitting Misfits
Both teams were a player down tonight. With more floor to cover, both teams struggled early in the first set, which kept the score fairly close at the start. Getting used to the rotation kept both teams on their toes. Once the set was midway, both teams hit their stride and long rallies became the norm. Letting nothing fall, the set became a game of errors as points were earned by the tiniest of margins. Hitting Misfits was able to pull away finally and closed out the first set, 25-16. The second set opened up much the same with the teams relying on their front line to score points. Another great round of defense on both sides kept the score close. Net Raiders were able to push to a third set, 25-22. The teams went point for point throughout the third, but Hitting Misfits front line was able to keep their team out in front and they closed out the game, 15-9.



Ballz Deep vs The Guac in the Dead
Two evenly matched teams, Ballz Deep and The Guac in the Dead came into Week Four hungry for a win. Ballz Deep had great coverage on their side and The Guac in the Dead had luck, as Ballz Deep committed one too many errors in the first set. A few serving errors kept the game close but a heavy hitter on Guac’s side put them in the lead and they closed out the first set, 25-21.

Ballz Deep came out swinging in the second set. They pulled into a comfortable lead early on, dominating at 18-09. The Guac was never able to recover and Ballz Deep closed out the second set 25-16.

Ballz Deep carried the second set win into the third and it looked like they had a win in their sights. The Guac wasn’t quite ready to quit though and they did their best to stay in the game. The third set found Ballz Deep up 12-09, but errors once again plagued them and The Guac in the Dead was able to put this match to bed, winning 15-12.