Setter Days! (Wednesday’s)

Kinky Sets


Chewblocka was short one girl tonight, but they definitely were not short on enthusiasm! Even with a ghost against them, their quick feet and fast spikes were able to keep them in the game. One player never fails to come with a vanilla milkshake in hand… Maybe that’s the key to winning for this team!


Kinky Sets was dominating the court tonight. Bump n Grind was unable to keep up during the first set due to not being able to get under the ball on a lot of serves. However, after getting warmed up during the first set, the second set was an entirely different story. Bump n Grind looked like a new team! They had some great rallies and really pulled out a huge difference in scores compared to their first game. Unfortunately, they still fell just a bit short at the end and Kinky Sets took the final win of the night.


If you missed us this week, make sure to join us at Little Woodrow’s following each game all season long!