Final Stretch! (Wednesday’s)

Notorious D.I.G


Notorious DIG was a little slow the first set. They were getting a little tripped up at the net but managed to pull out a narrow win. However, in the second set, Notorious DIG was on point. They had an almost 10 point streak with one server that pulled them ahead. They came out with a major win in the second set.
Esquires and Bump Set Spike were having some major game play at the net. The first set was a lot of spikes back and forth. Unfortunately, Bump Set Spike was unable to gain good control of the ball and Esquires took set one with a major lead. The second set was a whole new story now that Bump Set Spike had a game under their belt to see what Esquires was all about. The game was a lot closer in points but Esquires was still able to pull out the win.



If you missed us this week, make sure to join us at Little Woodrow’s after each game all season long!