Late Night Sets! (Monday’s)

Net Raiders


Social Team of the Week goes to Net Raiders! As a team that plays with us multiple nights a week, they always have a good attitude and we love that they carry themselves in wins and losses! Net Raiders usually come to venues early and stays late to get some practice in or just social.



Game of the night took place on court 3 at 810 between 5-7 Club and Sets on the Beach.
The first set started off evenly matched with teams going point for point for much of the first half. Errors began to plague 5-7 Club midway through though as the battled to creep ahead of their opponents. Sets on the Beach was able to keep pace though and offered much resistance. Unable to keep the ball off the ground, 5-7 Club gave up a 5 point lead and the game tied up at 19-19. 5-7 Club kept their momentum up and pushed ahead to close out the first set, 25-21.



Into the second set, errors continued to haunt 5-7 Club. Serving just outside the lines and letting balls fall, they just weren’t able to carry the luck of the first set into the second. Sets on the Beach was looking for the third set and fought to close out the game, 25-16.

Both teams were a little tired at the start of the third set and it turned out to be a nail-biter. 5-7 Club was able to pull ahead until the midway point when Sets on the Beach decided it was time to end things and tied up the score 10-10. Sets on the Beach didn’t let go then though and closed out the third set, 15-11.