Awkward Finish (Monday’s)


Social Team of the Week goes to Los Honeybadgers. Los Honeybadgers didn’t let a week 3 loss keep them from heading out to the Hangar last night. Fun fact: Their captain thought azalea was blue so the team was shocked at the shirt pick up to find their team shirts were a shade of pink.


Game of the Night goes to Dat Ace Doe vs Awkward Sets.

Awkward Sets played 2 players down last night but did not let those ghost players set them back. Dat Ace Doe looked to shut this game down, but Awkward Sets made up for the lack of players with determination.

Dat Ace Doe is a strong team who have amazing floor coverage and a strong front line. Awkward Sets made every player work last night to make up for the 2 missing players. Dat Ace Doe was able to find holes on the other side of the net and scrambled to keep the game close. Long rallies, strong hits and very few errors was what this game was all about.

The game came down to the wire and while Dat Ace Doe was able to hold their own for most of it, Awkward sets managed to shut it down in 2 sets. They won by scores of 25-23 and 25-17.

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