Ball Blockers! (Wednesday’s)


Volley Llamas


Our Social Team of the Week is the Volley Llamas! They played a man down last night and still managed to have a good time! After hearing of a forfeit after their match, they stayed so the other team would have someone to play!



Volley Llamas played our No. 1 ranked team Wednesday night, Good Sets?. Starting the game a player short, Volley Llamas struggled to find their footing early in the set, but managed to tie up the game at the 12 point mark and then it was point for point for the duration. Volley Llamas had incredible saves throughout the second half of the first set and kept the game very close. Good Sets? didn’t get to be No. 1 though by giving up so easily and ended the first set, 25-21. Volley Llamas carried their momentum into the second set, but weren’t quite able to hold Good Sets? off and after a hard fought set, Good Sets? took another win, 25-16.