Blockbusters! (Monday’s)


Safe Sets


Week Five is upon us in our final season of the calendar year! As anticipated, this season brought the fun, and we’ve set ourselves up nicely for a final week! Teams will be fighting for playoff position in what’s sure to be a thriller Week Six!


IBS vs Awkwards Sets
This was a good game to watch between two teams that are very good and bring the fire each and every night. They have solid communication and always set up bump, set, spike, and have a lot of fun during the game as well. IBS jumped out into a big lead and kept a good distant between them. Awkward Sets battled their way back into the game and had some really good, long rallies, but in the end, IBS was too much for them and they took the victory in two sets.

Volley Llamas vs Safe Sets
Another good game to watch between teams who are very good with communication and are very social as well. Volley Llamas came out swinging and were working well together, but then Safe Sets started to play their game and feed their hitters. With a good sets and these big hitters, they took over the game and never looked back as they took the victory in two sets.
Good luck to everyone and let’s continue to have a great season.