Bump, Set, Spike to Perfection! Mondays)


Loofas and Rufus


We’ve reached the midway point in our season and teams will now surely begin to really buckle down as playoffs are now right around the corner!



Loofahs and Rufus vs Kiss My Ace
We started the night off with two great teams who were evenly matched and had some great hitters on their teams. Both teams’ serves were on point today and it became who wanted this win more. Both teams split the first two sets and started the third set going back and forth, point for point, until Loofahs finally put it away and took the third set.

Awkward Sets vs Net Results
Last game of the night was also a good one to watch as these two teams wanted to play and had some great rallies. Net Results came out on fire, but Awkward Sets didn’t give up and fought their way back into the game. But, the communication and relaxed style of Net Results was too much and they took the victory in two sets.

Good luck to everyone and let’s continue to have a great season.