Bump, Set, Spike to Perfection! (Wednesday’s)


Setsy and We Know It


Here for Harambe dominated their game tonight due some massive spikes coming from their end of the court. The Pancakes were catching on to their fast paced style of game though, and had some fantastic saves during some intense rallies. Both teams had such high energy tonight which made for a super fun game to play and watch. Harambe took this one in two solid sets.

Kiss My Ace was down two players and, therefore, had two ghosts against them. One would think that this put that at a huge disadvantage, but don’t tell them that! They took the team’s short-handedness in stride and pulled out a major win in the first set with a strong six point lead ending the set at 25-19! Fatigue likely began to be a factor, however, because Setsy and I Know It came back with a vengeance to take the next two sets and their first win of the season! As a result of their big win and their attendance at Little Woodrow’s, we also make them our Social Team of the Week!