Bumpin’ Like There’s No Tomorrow (Wednesday’s)

Los Honey Badgers


We’ve now made our way through half of this awesome season at St. George’s! Moving forward, teams will begin to peak towards the playoffs, realizing that every game is now that much more important. Though regardless of standings, every team has a blast each and every night and finishes their awesome time off at Little Woodrow’s!




Los Honey Badgers and Four Play had some long lasting rallies that seemed like they were never going to end happening tonight. Both teams had great control of the ball. Los Honey Badgers had an especially good save by a last second kick of the ball that gain them a point in the first set and Four Play put in some work for an epic save that was far off the court. In the end, it came down to who had a more accurate spike. Of the three sets, Four Play won two and brought home a win.



We HAVE to say how proud I am of Bump, Set, Drink! They came out with a fire in their eyes tonight. This was a totally different team than the one that came out the last two weeks. There was definitely a new found confidence in them. They maintained a solid lead during their first set but small mistakes cost them that first win. During the second set, they were neck and neck with Los Tigres Del Norte but they were able to complete their passes and win set two. Set three was a close game up until eight points deep. Once at a tie, Bump, Set, Drink got some amazing serves in that brought them ahead and they were able to bring home their first win of the season!!