Champions of the Court! (Monday’s)

Super Social Championship

Net Raiders vs the Guac In Dead
This was a very interesting game to watch because both teams came a long way this season to get to this point and played some very good teams on the way. Both teams were evenly matched up and their communication was working very well. Net Raiders jumped out to an early lead, but the Guac in Dead and their fans cheering them on got them back in the game. Net Raiders is a very team who plays better when the pressure is on and began and offensive attack in which the Guac and Dead could never recover from and went down in two sets to the new champions, Net Raiders.

Social Championship

IBS vs Serve You Right
This was a really great game, but it was a one-sided match from the beginning. Both teams had a great season and played some great volleyball all season. IBS is a veteran team who has won the Championship before, and we seemingly always see them in this game. Serve you Right is a team pf big hitters and great defense, and it showed tonight because they were determined and focused and couldn’t be stopped and IBS could never get a rhythm going and Serve you Right took the victory in two sets.

Congrats to Net Raiders and Serve You Right for winning the fall indoor volleyball season! We look forward to seeing everyone again next season! Check the SASSC website for details!